5 Best Pets to Have in an Apartment

Having a pet in an apartment can be tricky, especially if your landlord is strict about having pets. There’s the thought of any messes, noise levels and property damage that pet owners fear their landlords will not approve of. But luckily there are some great options for renting and owning with animals that you might have not considered yet. From low-maintenance to truly unique animals, these five best pets for apartments provide their own set of benefits – both psychological and financial – but also require thoughtful planning before committing to such a big responsibility. Keep reading to discover which four legged friends could make perfect furry friends who fit snugly into your urban lifestyle!

Fish – low maintenance, quiet, and can provide a calming presence to your home

Fish are one of the most rewarding companions that you could have in your home. These low maintenance animals can add a sense of peace and serenity to any room, as they silently float around their tank. Unlike dogs or cats, fish require very little care – just the occasional feeding and water changes – and they offer a lot of benefits to those who live with them. People find looking at their fish calming and comforting, often finding a sense of joy in watching them explore their habitat. Keeping fish is not only an easy way to fulfill your pet cravings; it’s also quite therapeutic!

Cats – independent but love attention; litter box training is essential

Cats are often regarded as independent animals that require little upkeep, making them popular pets. Nevertheless, cats thrive on affection and love human contact. In return, they can be extremely loyal companions and will show affection to their owners with cuddles, purring and more. As with any pet though, it’s important to ensure they’ve been appropriately trained. Litter box training is an essential part of having a cat as it helps them learn to look after themselves as well as respecting boundaries that have been set around the home. Once this has been introduced, cats and their owners can start to form a strong bond that results in both sides being mutually satisfied for many years to come.

Hamsters – small rodents that don’t require too much space

Hamsters are surprisingly lovable and entertaining little creatures that are often seen as adorable pets due to their playful, inquisitive nature. A famous characteristic of hamsters is their love for collecting pieces of food and stashing them away for safe keeping in special parts of their home. An upside to owning a hamster is the fact that these small rodents require very little space – unlike many other domestic animals – making them ideal for people living in apartments or smaller homes. Even though they don’t need a lot of running room, it’s important to provide them with accessories to keep levels of activity high; some examples are wheeled balls they can run in, soft tunnels, and plenty of things to chew on or explore. With a bit of care and attention, hamsters can make delightful companions that bring joy into any household.

Reptiles – snakes and lizards don’t bark or make noise; may need special lighting

Reptiles, such as snakes and lizards, can be wonderful pets if all of their needs are met. Unlike more traditional pets like cats and dogs, they don’t bark or make noise at all. Taking care of a reptile requires some special considerations, though – they may need to live in habitats that can provide them with special lighting emulating the sun in order to stay healthy. Additionally, they will need additional heat sources to maintain proper temperatures within their environment and require regular handling and interactions just like any other pet if they are to thrive. But for those willing to put in the effort, reptiles can be filled with unexpected surprises and can teach us a great deal about nature if given the chance.

Birds – can be great companions; make sure you have the right environment for the species you pick

From the wistful singing of early morning songbirds to the cheerful coos of parakeets, birds can be joyful companions and are often considered part of the family. When selecting a pet bird, it is important to ensure you provide them with the right environment; different species require different levels of care and attention. To make sure your feathered friend will thrive, do your research first. Then, create a peaceful and stimulating space that provides sufficient behavioral enrichment and playtime activities. With the right environment in place, you and your pet bird may soon be enjoying each other’s company for years to come!

Choosing the right pet for you is an important decision and there are many options out there. Fish, cats, hamsters, reptiles, and birds can all make great pets. Each animal has its benefits and drawbacks so it is important to do your research before deciding what type of pet you’d like to bring home. Some things to consider include space available, maintenance requirements, and if they can thrive in your environment or if you have to make special provisions or accommodations. Lovely companionship isn’t the only benefit of owning a pet. Studies have shown that simply having furry or feathered friends around can help awaken your senses while lowers blood pressure, increase physical activity and reduce loneliness. With all these wonderful things that come with ownership, it’s no wonder why millions of Americans choose to keep pets!